World’s Largest Cricket Stadium List

1. Sardar Patel Stadium, Montera Ahmedabad Gujrat India

Sardar Patel Stadium is the world’s largest cricket stadium. It is located in the Montera Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India. This stadium will be inaugurated in March 2020. In this stadium of world-class facilities, 110,000 spectators can sit in.

There is no Stadium bigger than this in the world. Earlier, Melbourne Cricket Stadium was considered to be the largest cricket stadium in the world with a seating capacity of 90000 people.

Ahmadabad cricket stadium was the dream of Narendra Modi. The plane of the stadium was started when Narendra Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat and also the president of the Gujarat Cricket Association.

Construction of Stadium began in 2007 and is now ready to become the largest stadium in the world.

In the pavilion of Sardar Patel Cricket Stadium, four dressing rooms have been set up. These dressing rooms are connected with a Gym. A physio room and a briefing room are, also, part of the dressing room. There are a modern shower room and a recovery room in the pavilion of the stadium.

In the Food court of the stadium Gujrati, Mexican, Chinese and other foods will be served to the players. After the victory teams will celebrate in this food court.

Montera Cricket Ground has been built on 63 acres of land and it cost 700 ₹ to the Gujrat Cricket Association.

After almost three years, the work of the stadium has been virtually completed. There are many world-class facilities in this Stadium stadium.


List of Facilities available in the Montera Cricket Stadium

  1. This stadium has a seating capacity of 110,000 people.
  2. Ultra-modern technology has been used in the stadium.
  3. One of the unique features of this stadium is that there is no front-facing pillar in the stadium, so that the fans have no problem enjoying the match.
  4. It is an entirely green Stadium. Not a single drop of water used in it will be wasted as the stadium has a waste management plant. Through this plant, the water used in it will be treated and used for ground maintenance work.
  5. Each stand of the stadium has a food court and Hospitality area.
  6. The stadium has a cricket academy and indoor practice pitches.
  7. A 55-room clubhouse is also part of the stadium.
  8. The stadium has facilities for outdoor as well as indoor games.
  9. Facilities for 40 other types of sports also present in this cricket stadium.
  10. In addition to these features, there is an Olympic size swimming pool and an excellent Gym.
  11. And metro connectivity has also made available from the Ahmedabad City to the stadium.
  12. The parking of the stadium can hold 3000 cars and 10,000 two-wheelers.
  13. In this stadium, flashlights are installed on the roof of the stadium instead of pillars. These lights have come from Netherland, and reflection will not cause a problem for any player.

US president, Donald Trump is believed to inaugurate the stadium during a visit to Ahmedabad.

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