SPSC Lecture Commerce Past Paper 2021

Solved Paper of Lecturer Commerce 2021


Which of the following does not describe a problem with scientific management?

(a) Productivity increases may not be reflected in workers’ pay

(b) It is better suited to complex Jobs

(c) Improvement is not necessarily maintainable 

(d) It is better suited to simple jobs


The following phrase is used to describe a leader.

(a) Relies on Control Strategies

(b) challenges status quo

(c) Uses traditional influences

(d) Acts with established Culture


It is easiest for management to deal with resistance when it is:

(a) Overt

(b) Subtle

(c) Passive

(d) Implicit


Deviation is a term used in____________.

(a) Controlling

(b) Motivation

(c) Directing

(d) Staffing


Disqualification from becoming a director of a company is:

(a) Insolvency

(b) Fraudulent, declared by court

(c) Unsound Mind

(d) All of these


How many different sample of size 3 can be taken from the population comprising of 5 elements?

(a) 7

(b) 12

(c) 5

(d) 10


A bar chart or graph showing the frequency of occurrence of each value of the variable being analyzed is called_________________.

(a) Bar Chart

(b) Histogram

(c) Candle Stick

(d) None of these


Which analysis is the simultaneous analysis of the two variables?

(a) Uni-variate Analysis

(b) Bi-variate Analysis 

(c) Multi-variate Analysis

(d) None of these


A shift in the demand curve (drawn in the traditional Price – Quantity space to the left may be caused by?

(a) A decrease in the supply

(b) A fall in income

(c) A fall in the price of a complementary good

(d) A fall in the price of number of substitute goods


Challenges which takes place gradually without any resistance are______________________.

(a) Evolutionary

(b) Revolutionary

(c) Planned

(d) Unplanned


The Central government may appoint some directors for a period of ___________in case of management of company affairs:

(a) 3 and half years

(b) Not more than 3 years

(c) 5 years

(d) Not more than 2 years


A solution to the problem that arrived at through an unstructured process of decision making is called a:

(a) Bounded Rationality

(b) Programmed Decision

(c) Non-Programmed Decision

(d) Uncertainty


The consumer price index number is also known as:

(a) The cost of living index number

(b) The wholesale price index number

(c) The retail price index number

(d) Both (a) and (b)


What is the probability of occurrence of an event whose odds for occurrence are 12:7?

(a) 7/12

(b) 7/19

(c) 12/19

(d) 5/12


____________________and________________________ carry a fixed rate of interest and are to be paid off irrespective of the firm’s revenues:

(a) Debentures, dividends

(b) Debentures, Bonds

(c) Dividends, Bonds

(d) Dividends, Treasury Notes


Which management principle states that each individual should report to only boss in order to avoid conflict and/or confusion?

(a) Division of Command

(b) Chain of Command

(c) Unity of Direction

(d) Unity of Command


Name the largest populated country of the Islamic world:

(a) Indonesia

(b) Pakistan

(c) Turkey

(d) Bangladesh


We are writing letters: (Chose the correct Answer)

(a) Letters were being written by us

(b) Letters was being written by us

(c) Letters are being written by us

(d) Letters have been written by us


We should finish the work before he ________to work: (Fill in the Blank)

(a) Shall come

(b) Would come

(c) Comes

(d) Will come


In general, Theory Y and Theory X belong to which of the following perspectives:

(a) Socio-Political

(b) Bureaucratic

(c) Cultural

(d) None of these


Short term plans guides

(a) Lower level management

(b) Bridges gaps between past and present

(c) Forecasting

(d) Environmental factors


An example of communication channel is:

(a) Face to face conversation

(b) Noise

(c) Feedback

(d) Context


The average of the relative price index is the same as____________when the base year values are used as weights:

(a) The Laspeyer’s Index

(b) The Paasche’s Index

(c) Fisher’s Index

(d) None of these


A trade discount is:

(a) An increase in quantity given to customers

(b) A discount for early payment

(c) A special sales promotion

(d) A reduction in price per unit given to customers


The rate of interest by the fixed deposits scheme of a bank for 365 days and above is 12%. What will be the status of Rs. 20,000 after two years. If it is invested at this point of time.

(a) 28032

(b) 24048

(c) 22056

(d) 25088


Economic Uncertainty, regulatory requirements and new competitors are examples of what type of  factors that as manager.

(a) Intrapersonal Factors  

(b) Internal Factors 

(c) Interpersonal Factors 

(d) External Factors


The oldest written language is:

(a) Chinese 

(b) Arabic

(c) Egyptian

(d) Sanskrit


Dickens was a great writer________his tearful plots. (Fill in the Blank with an appropriate proposition)

(a) Despite

(b) Despite of

(c) Although

(d) In spite


“Your guess is as good as mine” means:

(a) Join Popular trend or activity

(b) To hear something from the authoritative source

(c) To know the Answer

(d) To have no idea


According to the Fayol’s 14 principles of management ‘espirit de corps’ refers to which of the following.

(a) Being treated fairly and kindly

(b) Spirit of the corporation

(c) Team work and harmony

(d) Spirit of work


Budget refers to

(a) Planned target of performance

(b) Steps of handling future activities

(c) Systematic action and allocation of resources

(d) Statement of expected results expressed in numerical terms


Feedback is a listener’s:

(a) Verbal critique of your message

(b) Verbal or Non-verbale response to a message

(c) Acceptance of a message

(d) Aversion to a message


The petroleum industry is an example of:

(a) Monopolistic Competition

(b) Pure Oligopoly

(c) Duopoly

(d) Differentiated Oligopoly


Idle plant capacity means:

(a) Practical capacity minus Normal capacity

(b) Minimum Capacity minus Normal Capacity

(c) Maximum capacity minus actual capacity

(d) Practical capacity minus Actual Capacity


If two cards are drawn from a deck of cards what are the possible outcomes?

(a) 52×52

(b) 521

(c) 52×51

(d) 1326


In_______approach, the capital structure decision is relevant to the valuation of the firm.

(a) Net Income

(b) Net Operating Income

(c) Traditional

(d) Miller and Modigliani


Which of the following countries are in conflict with India on water sharing issue?

(a) Pakistan

(b) Bangladesh 

(c) Nepal

(d) None of these



There is an error in the question. India is having water sharing issues with all three countries.


Ramallah is the headquarter of Palestinian Authority is suited at?

(a) West Bank

(b) Tunis

(c) Ghaza Strip

(d) Jordan


In which region is Afghanistan located?

(a) Southwest Asia

(b) Southeast

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of these


Which of the following men’s writings are associated with bureaucracy? 

(a) Max Weber

(b) Henri Fayol

(c) Frederick Taylor

(d) Douglas McGregor


A forecast with a time horizon of about 3 months to 3 years is typically called a____________________.

(a) Long-range forecast

(b) Medium-range forecast

(c) Short-range forecast

(d) Weather forecast


Which of the following is not a function normally performed by the HR department?

(a) Recruitment and Selection

(b) Accounting

(c) Training and Development

(d) Pay and Reward


the price of bread increases by 22% and the quantity of the bread demanded falls by 25%. This indicates that demand for bread is:

(a) Elastic

(b) Inelastic

(c) Unitary Elastic

(d) Perfectly Elastic


which of the motives are learned or acquired over a period of time such as power, achievement and affiliation:

(a) Affection Motive

(b) Secondary Motive

(c) Primary Motive

(d) Stimulus Motive


which title is given to an individual who is in charge and coordinates the activities of a group of employees engaged in related activities within a unit of organisation?

(a) Manager

(b) Employee

(c) Vendor

(d) Contractor


The term “core competency”, was coined by which of the following influential business thinkers?

(a) W. Edwards Demings

(b) C.K. Parhalad

(c) Ken Blanchard

(d) Frederick W. Taylor


_______________ is the study of how to create an organizational structure that leads to high efficiency and effectiveness.

(a) Scientific Management

(b) Job Specialization

(c) Administrative Management

(d) Allocation Management


Theory______________states that the average employee is lazy and will try to do as little as possible:

(a) X

(b) Y

(c) Z

(d) None of these


The theorist that advocated standard methodology for doing a task and suggested that workers were motivated by pay according to the output (piecework) is:

(a) Elton Mayo

(b) Max Weber

(c) Frederick Taylor

(d) Henri Fayol


Chew the fat means:

(a) To action a task; To initiate work

(b) To become silent; To stop talking

(c) To take offense; To get worked up, aggravated or annoyed

(d) To chat idly or generally waste time talking