The Best Sindhi Poetry and Sindhi Shayari of 2020 – Sad Sindhi Poetry and Sindhi Culture Poetry

Sindhi Poetry (Sindhi Shayari) is the most important part of the language. After the journey of century sindhi poetry became firmly established. During this journey, many new forms of sindhi poetry have developed. Nowadays, there are numerous forms of sindhi poetry or sindhi shayari exist. Some main forms of poetry are discussed below.

Sindhi is very old language. According to the experts it is as old as 8th century. The Sindhi language had developed through this time. Studies suggest that more than 75 million people in the world speak Sindhi. Sindhi is spoken in both India and Pakistan. In Pakistan, Sindhi remains the second-most widely spoken language.

During British rule in India, a variant of the Persian alphabet was adopted for Sindhi in the 19th century. The script is used in Pakistan today. In India, the Devanagari script is also used to write Sindhi.[50] A modern version was introduced by the government of India in 1948; however, it did not gain full acceptance, so both the Sindhi-Arabic and Devanagari scripts are used.

Main forms of Sindhi Shayari are discussed below

Sindhi Ghazal

The world ghazal is derived from an Arabic word “Taghazal”. Sindhi ghazal is very famous form of poetry today. It is concerned with the emotions of the individuals. Ghazal in its popularity and importance competing with the Sindhi Bait and Sindhi Kafi.

Sindhi Poetry and Sindhi Ghazal

Sindhi Bait

Sindhi Bait is the oldest form of sindhi poetry. In its structure and form Bait is similar to the Hindi Chandodia. 

Sindhi Poetry and Sindhi Ghazal

More Sindhi Baits are given below

Sindhi Poetry and Bait
Sindhi Poetry and Sindhi Bait

Sindhi Sad Poetry

Nowadays, sindhi sad poetry is also famous amongst the people of sindh. They listen it quite often. Here in this segments you will find a large of number poems of sindhi sad poetry of different well known poets of sindh.

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Sindhi sad poetry
Sindhi Sad poetry 2

Sindhi Poetry SMS

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Sindhi Poetry and Sindhi Bait

Sindhi Romantic Poetry

Romance is abeutiful emotion of human beings. Here is complete list of romantic poetry in the sindhi language.

Sindhi Romantic Poetry
Sindhi Shayari
Sindhi romantic poetry

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