Shah Abdul Latif Poetry in Sindhi

Certainly, Shah Abdul Latif poetry is the expression and indication of noble values of Sindhi Society. Such great poet never happened to be born again and again. Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s poetry gave new ideas, new dreams and new trends to the Sindhi Society. His poetry provided people of Sindh a guidance and awareness about how to prepare for the future and survive through the hard times.

Shah Abdul Latif’s Poetry is full of cultural characters. Especially, in his poetry he mentioned seven female characters from the history of Sindh viz. Marvi, Moomal, Sasui, Noori, Suhni, Lailan and Sorath. They referred as the Seven Soramies of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai or as the seven queen Shah Abdul Latif’s Poetry.

In Shah Latif’s poetry we can easily find a large number of common artisans, labour, spinners, weavers, porters and goldsmiths. Due to this reason, Shah Abdul Latif’s poetry is very famous in the local sindhis, especially in the villegers.

According to the experts of Sindhi Language, his poetry is creative and progressive, in which he thoroughly talked about the unmatched struggle and sorrows of people of Sindh. Therefore, these poems of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai serve a torch of guidance for the people.

The collection of Shah Laif’s poetry is called Shah Jo Risalo. There are thirty sur in his poetry in which he expressed his message through verse.

Shah Abdul Ltif Bhittai was born in 1690 A.D. (1102)Hijra in the village of Sui Kandar, in Matiari District of Sindh Province of Pakistan. He was born during the era Mughal Rulers of Dehli. At the time of his birth, Sindh was ruled by Kalhora dynasty

The great mystic poet of Sindh was died in 1165 Hijra and his shrine exit in Bhitshah near Hala in the Matiari District.

Every year on 14th Safar his urs is celebrated with graet zeal and devotion.

Shah Abdul Latif Poetry in Sindhi

Some of the Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s famous poetry in sindhi is given in picture

Shah Abdul Latif Poetry
Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai Poetry
Shah Latif Poetry in Sindhi

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