Pakistan’s First Electric Rickshaw – Pakistan’s Frist Electric three-wheeler.

In most cities in Pakistan, people use a three-wheeler vehicle for daily commuting. This three-wheeler is commonly known in the country as “the auto rickshaw”. Nowadays, these auto-rickshaw has helped many people to reach their destination.

Mostly, commuters argue with the Rickshaw drivers on higher fares resulting from expensive petrol and CNG.

Recently, a Pakistani auto rickshaw manufacturer, Sazgar Engineering Works, well-known Pakistan rickshaw manufacturer, launched an Electric Rickshaw. Since the rickshaw uses electricity as fuel, it is, therefore, considered to be an environment-friendly Raksha.

These three-wheeled vehicles have not yet been introduced in the market, but it is thought that it will be priced higher than regular petrol and CNG rickshaws. However, the company claims that its ride will be very affordable.

According to the company officials, it is the first electric rickshaw of the country, and it mainly manufactured locally in Pakistan. However, three parts of it are imported from other countries.

The Sazgar company claims that the entire vehicle has manufactured in Pakistan except for the battery, motor, and controller.

In this rickshaw, a motor is installed with the engine. The battery powers this motor, and the controller maintains the performance of the engine.

Specification of the following imported parts

  1. Battery:                    48 volt
  2. Motor:                      3 Kilowatts
  3. Controller:               placed below the seat of the Rickshaw Driver

Currently, all the Rakshaws operating in Pakistan use petrol, CNG, and LPG as a fuel. As a result of the continuous increase in the prices of these hydrocarbon fuels, their fares have also increased considerably, due to which people are very upset.

Sazgar Electric Rickshaw Price

Sazgar Engineering Works yet not announced the price of this electric rickshaw. However, they pointed out that it will be coslier than the normal Patrol and CNG.

Sazgar Electric Rickshaw Battery Charging

According to the Sazgar Company, the electric rickshaw can be charged in 5 hours and it can travel 175 km on fully charged battery.

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