Pakistan Movement MCQs For CSS, PCS, CCE and NTS

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Partition of Bengal occurred on____________.

(a) 16th July 1905

(b) 16th August 1905

(c) 16th September 1905

(d) 16th October 1905


Muslims met with Lord Minto at Simla on_____________.

(a) 1st September 1906

(b) 1st October 1906

(c) 1st November 1906

(d) 1st December 1906


Lord Minto was a________________.

(a) Governor of India

(b) Viceroy of India

(c) Prime Minister of UK

(d) Adviser For India


Who announced Partition of Bengal?

(a) Lord Curzon

(b) Lord Minto

(c) Lord Chelmsford

(d) Lord Irwin


Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was born in__________.

(a) July 1817

(b) August 1817

(c) September 1817

(d) October 1817


When was 1935 act enforced?

(a) July 1935

(b) August 1935

(c) September 1935

(d) October 1935


Who was the Viceroy of India at the time of partition of Bengal?

(a) Lord Canning

(b) Lord Hardinge

(c) Lord Curzon

(d) Lord Minto


The Hindus and Muslims started Non-Cooperation Movement for:

(a) Expulsion of British from India

(b) Indian independence and restoration of Caliphate

(c) For the uplift of Education

(d) Both (a) and (b)