Gorakh Hill Station is the famous tourist spot of Sindh Province of Pakistan. It is located in the District Dadu near small town of Wahi Pandhi. This hill Station is also known as the Murree of Sindh.

Gorakh is 400 kilometers away from the the capital city of Karachi and 250 kilometers from the City of Hyderabad.

Gorakh hill Station is visited by a large number of tourist each year. The temperature in the Gorakh hills remains between 10 t0 15 degree centigrade in the summer season and falls below zero in the winter season.

Wahi Pandhi serves a base camp for Gorakh Hill. From where the journey to Gorakh is started by  special jeep. The distance of Gorakh from Wahi Pandhi is only 50 km but it takes two and a half hours to reach there.  All this path is covered with rocky mountains. In the hot July weather, when the sun rains down, its heat hits the mountains and burns the face.

The Beautiful Gorakh Hill Station is located at an altitude of 5600 feet above sea level.

According to the local people the name Gorakh is derived from a Balochi word Kuruk which means wolf. According to them in the past Gorakh hills was a home of wild wolves.

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