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Which of the following is not a management science theory?

(a) Operation Management

(b) Total Quality Management (TQM)

(c) Management Information System

(d) None of these


Name the person who is known as father of scientific management?

(a) F.W Taylor

(b) Max Weber

(c) Parker Talent

(d) Henri Fayol


As a Theory Y manager, you believe that your employees?

(a) dislike work and avoid it if possible

(b) need a hierarchy of authority and lots of rules and regulations 

(c) Should be trained to standard methodology in all their tasks

(d) are self-motivated and self-directed toward achieving organisational goals


Planning function of management is performed by___________.

(a) Top Management

(b) Middle Management

(c) Lower Management

(d) All of the Above


Henri Fayol is famous for:

(a) Scientific Management

(b) Principles of Management

(c) Industrial Psychology

(d) Rationalization


Span of Management means:

(a) A good organisation should consist of departments

(b) Authority of each person must be clearly defined 

(c) Each subordinate should have one superior 

(d) A manager can supervise a limited number of executives


The famous book “The Philosophy of Management” was written by_______________.

(a) Henri Fayol

(b) Oliver Sheldon

(c) F.W Taylor

(d) Urwick

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Management is:

(a) An art

(b) A science

(c) Both an art or a science

(d) Neither art not science


Functional type of Organisation was first developed by:

(a) Military

(b) F.W Taylor

(c) Henri Fayol

(d) Elton Mayo


Control function of management embraces:

(a) Cost Control

(b) Budgetary Control

(c) Production Control

(d) All of the Above


Communication in an organisation flows:

(a) From top to bottom

(b) From bottom to top

(c) Both ways

(d) None of the Above


Theory Y states that:

(a) Workers prefer to be directed

(b) Workers exercise self-direction and self-control

(c) Workers have inherent disliking for work and will avoid it if they can

(d) None of the Above


Delegation is more often___________________.

(a) Upward

(b) Downward

(c) Sideward

(d) All of the Above


Expectancy theory of motivation is given by:

(a) Herzberg

(b) Vroom

(c) Porter and Lawler

(d) Elton Mayo

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Everything that goes to increase the importance of subordinate’s role is_________________.

(a) Centralization

(b) Decentralization

(c) Span of Management

(d) All of the Above


Which of the following does not describe a problem with scientific management?

(a) Productivity increases may not be reflected in workers’ pay

(b) It is better suited to complex Jobs

(c) Improvement is not necessarily maintainable 

(d) It is better suited to simple jobs


The following phrase is used to describe a leader.

(a) Relies on Control Strategies

(b) challenges status quo

(c) Uses traditional influences

(d) Acts with established Culture


It is easiest for management to deal with resistance when it is:

(a) Overt

(b) Subtle

(c) Passive

(d) Implicit


Deviation is a term used in____________.

(a) Controlling

(b) Motivation

(c) Directing

(d) Staffing


The theorist that advocated standard methodology for doing a task and suggested that workers were motivated by pay according to the output (piecework) is:

(a) Elton Mayo

(b) Max Weber

(c) Frederick Taylor

(d) Henri Fayol


Disqualification from becoming a director of a company is:

(a) Insolvency

(b) Fraudulent, declared by court

(c) Unsound Mind

(d) All of these


Theory______________states that the average employee is lazy and will try to do as little as possible:

(a) X

(b) Y

(c) Z

(d) None of these


Challenges which takes place gradually without any resistance are______________________.

(a) Evolutionary

(b) Revolutionary

(c) Planned

(d) Unplanned


_______________ is the study of how to create an organizational structure that leads to high efficiency and effectiveness.

(a) Scientific Management

(b) Job Specialization

(c) Administrative Management

(d) Allocation Management


A solution to the problem that arrived at through an unstructured process of decision making is called a:

(a) Bounded Rationality

(b) Programmed Decision

(c) Non-Programmed Decision

(d) Uncertainty


The term “core competency”, was coined by which of the following influential business thinkers?

(a) W. Edwards Demings

(b) C.K. Parhalad

(c) Ken Blanchard

(d) Frederick W. Taylor


Which management principle states that each individual should report to only boss in order to avoid conflict and/or confusion?

(a) Division of Command

(b) Chain of Command

(c) Unity of Direction

(d) Unity of Command


which title is given to an individual who is in charge and coordinates the activities of a group of employees engaged in related activities within a unit of organisation?

(a) Manager

(b) Employee

(c) Vendor

(d) Contractor

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In general, Theory Y and Theory X belong to which of the following perspectives:

(a) Socio-Political

(b) Bureaucratic

(c) Cultural

(d) None of these


which of the motives are learned or acquired over a period of time such as power, achievement and affiliation:

(a) Affection Motive

(b) Secondary Motive

(c) Primary Motive

(d) Stimulus Motive


Short term plans guides

(a) Lower level management

(b) Bridges gaps between past and present

(c) Forecasting

(d) Environmental factors


Staffing function of the management needs to be performed:

(a) Only in new Enterprises

(b) Only in going Enterprises

(c) Enterprises that are closing business

(d) Both (a) and (b)


Which of the following is the oldest type of organization?

(a) Line Organization

(b) Committee Organization

(c) Functional Organization

(d) Line and Staff Organization


The main purpose of the control function is to___________________.

(a) Punish the Defaulter

(b) Watch the Defaulter

(c) Take Remedial Action

(d) All of these


Decentralization of the organization has the effect of:

(a) Lessing the burden on top management

(b) Increases the burden on the top executive

(c) Does not affect the burden on top management

(d) All of the Above


Delegation of Authority makes the size of the organization:

(a) Small

(b) Large

(c) Does not affect size

(d) Both (a) and (c)

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