French Beach Karachi – The Most Beautiful Beach in Pakistan

French Beach is among the most popular and loved beaches of Karachi. It also referred to as Karachi beach for its popularity. This private beach is located at a distance of 40 km from the central Karachi. This beautiful French beach serves as a tourist spot for the elite class of Karachi and the expatriates.

This beautiful beach provides a perfect place for swimming and scuba diving to the swimmers, scuba divers of Pakistan. A large number of people visit this amazing beach during the summer season. For the tourist, ninety cabins are built by the villagers, and they provide these at small lease.

French Beach Karachi’s clear sky and clean blue water sea offer a stunning perspective to the visitors. During the summer season, this beach is heaven for the surfers of the country; they come here to satisfy their surfing desires.

Unmatchable scenery of the French beach makes it one the pride of the Karachi. Villagers living in the tent give this beach an old school classical touch. This beach is one of the most visited beaches in the country.

Activities at French Beach Karachi

In addition to its beauty, French Beach offers a lot to visitors. People from all over Pakistan come to this place to try following new things.


The native villagers are expert fishermen. Not only they allow you to fish with them, but they will also provide you with fantastic tips and tricks regarding the fishing.


French Beach, with its suitable environment and conditions, is very popular among the surfers of the country. It, therefore, welcomes a large number of surfers every year. The Fast and high waves of the area make it a perfect destination for surfing in Pakistan.

Scuba Diving

Availability of lifeguards and proper scuba diving gear at this beach makes scuba diving possible. The experience incorporates watching marine life and gathering great recollections.


The beach additionally offers long travels along the shore as the seashore extends till Gwadar. The coast is harsh and long. Local people there give cruising on their 4×4 and additionally provide the administration of seashore skiing on their rides. You are additionally permitted to drive it once they show you how to operate the ski.

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